Hey guys! My name is Meera and from my username you can kind of guess I like to learn languages. I’m a college student currently majoring in Arabic but my real loves are Hindi, Indian Languages and Japanese. This blog may be a bit random at times but I will mainly post language learning advice, language book reviews, and  movie reviews (occasionally). My main purpose of this blog is keep track of my progress. So the languages I am currently doing:


This is my absolute favorite language and I am not sure my level in it but I can have conversations in it, understand movies without subs and read Hindi articles. Maybe this is at low or high advanced? I’m not sure. But I will still be keeping track here. I also may post about Bengali and other Indian languages frequently.


So this is the language I am majoring in college. I am focusing on fus7a and Shaami, although my class requires Egyptian sometimes also. I am currently in Intermediate Arabic 1, but I still feel like a beginner so for the sake of this blog I will say I am a beginner.


Very much a beginner with Japanese. Can read Hiragana and Katakana but not Kanji. Took two classes of Japanese and finished book one of Genki.

Of course I will post about other languages too! If anyone has any advice for any of these languages please tell me in the comments 😛


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