Why you should learn Japanese


As I mentioned in my other post, I’m doing a series on why you should do certain languages! And today’s language is…. Japanese! I’m trying to do mostly underrated languages (last time the language was Hindi) and this may surprise you but I consider Japanese to be an underrated language. I hear way too many times that Japanese is useless, that only nerdy “otakus” learn it (don’t even get me started on how offensive this is), that the Japanese economy is lagging, and that it is too hard and people often tell me I should learn a practical language like Spanish. Hindi and Japanese have been the two languages I got the most negative reactions to which is why I decided to do my first two postings on them. Now I have to say, I don’t have as much experience with Japanese as I do with Hindi. I have taken a couple of semesters of Japanese in college and have been officially learning it for only about two years. However I find what many people say about the language to be pretty dismal and untrue. For someone reason Japanese has a bad reputation in the language learning community.  So let me debunk these myths for you, and tell you why you should learn Japanese. Read more