Mandarin or Korean? A tough decision!

Hello everyone. This will be a brief post. I have decided that I want to learn either Mandarin or Korean for the new year. There is a language challenge on a forum I frequent and I’m choosing languages I don’t know much about. I don’t know much about Mandarin or Korean. So basically I’m having trouble deciding between the both. Mandarin is extremely useful and there are many people in my town I can practice with. However I love KPOP and Korean dramas. Plus I know a lot of Japanese and I heard Korean grammar is similar. I may just toss a coin 😛 Anyway I am going to post my updates in these languages here and on the forum! Wish me luck 🙂


My Favorite Textbook: Genki Part 1





As I wrote my post on why you should learn Japanese, I mentioned how much of a fan I am of Genki. I even refereed to it my review of that atrocity of a book Al-Kitaab. Genki is a triumph of a book and it is hard for me to pinpoint what is great about it. I had to use it in in my Japanese classes and when I first opened I really didn’t think anything of it. It was just a standard language textbook to me. Honestly it took me a long time to see how great this book really is especially when compared to other Japanese textbooks. I actually hadn’t realized just how far Genki takes you until I bought other Japanese textbooks.  I can this is absolutely one of my favorite textbooks I have EVER used. First of all I want to say this book is FUN. It is filled with cute little pictures, cultural notes,  and fun little dialogues.  If you are thinking about learning Japanese I highly recommend this book along with the workbook. It is a MUST HAVE.  Read more

Why Learn Bengali?


Bengali (বাংলা)

Hello everyone and happy New Year! Before I start this post I want to apologize for the mini hiatus, I was extremely busy with finals! But I have some exciting things coming up this month for this blog. I’m going to be doing posts on Bengali, Nepali and Punjabi. Plus a review of the Genki series and the Teach Yourself Hindi. And some other surprise posts as well. So today I decided to start the New Year with a why you should learn….. post because it is new year and a great time to start learning a new language! So today our language is Bengali!  Bengali is a language that I absolutely adore. It is a beautiful sweet language and in my opinion is extremely underrated. It is a bit harder than Hindi, but still nothing too incredibly difficult. Bengali is a language spoken in Bangladesh and India is a great language to learn. It is the seventh most spoken language in the world and is the second most spoken language in India. It is a very sweet language and is considered very sophisticated in India.  So if you want a new language to study, you should really consider Bengali and here are the reasons why:

This is a Beautiful Bengali Song sung by Shreya Ghoshal. 


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